A few words about us

Bright Moments was founded in 1984 by William “Bill” Rouselle and his partner, Kalamu Ya Salaam. In the early years the company focused more on public relations, eventually moving into marketing and advertising. While these areas are still staples of the company’s work, it is in the area of community outreach that Bright Moments has enjoyed the distinction of being the go-to source, and this has never been more evident than after Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina and her aftermath thrust Bright Moments into a pivotal role that few could have filled. With community interest and input at an unprecedented high after the storm, no major initiative dare move forward without community input. Utilizing a “grassroots” marketing approach, Bright Moments has been the primary source for reaching out to the community and keeping them informed as initiatives progress. Simply, since Hurricane Katrina, Bright Moments has singlehandedly organized and produced more than a thousand community community and stakeholder meetings for clients that include the City of New Orleans, the Orleans Parish School Board, the Recovery School District, Jacobs/CSRS, the City Planning Commission, the BioDistrict, the New Orleans Public Library and more. In the process, Bright Moments has developed a finely tuned system of outreach that can be put into motion quickly and efficiently. It includes all forms of marketing and outreach into the community, including radio, television and video production, direct mail, flyers, door hangers, robo-calls, e-blasts and street signs placed by the Bright Moments “Street Team.”

In 2007, when State Superintendent of Education, Paul Pastorek took over, his first move was to address the devastated Orleans Parish School facilities. His goal was to ultimately create a master plan to rebuild the entire system. He enlisted Bright Moments to manage community outreach. Between September of 2007 and October of the following year, Bright Moments planned and produced more than two hundred community meetings, attended by thousands of residents. That effort resulted in the adoption of a Master Plan to rebuild 62 new or renovated public schools in New Orleans.

While Hurricane Katrina has dictated the company’s focus on community outreach, Bright Moments is equally adept at creating innovative event planning and marketing. Bright Moments managed the Grand Opening of the Mahalia Jackson Theater in 2009 as the restoration of that iconic building launched the rebirth of downtown New Orleans. Bright Moments also produces the annual “Soul Fest” at the Audubon Zoo and has provided advertising and marketing services to numerous political and business clients. We produce all forms of media, and our knowledge of the marketplace and its demographic gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to media placement services.

In summary, Bright Moments is a full-service firm offering the very best in advertising, marketing, media relations, event planning and community outreach. We pride ourselves in listening to our clients, pinpointing their goals and objectives and delivering their message directly to their target audience.

Each member of the Bright Moments team brings unique skills and experience to the table. Working in harmony, the team delivers a final product that ensures the clients’ needs are met with quantifiable, tangible results.