Since 1984, our services have expanded from its original focal point, Public Relations. Today, we still specialize in Public Relations for a number of companies; but we have also expanded our approach through the development of top of the line advertising and marketing expertise for clients throughout the City of New Orleans. Bright Moments understands that advertising and marketing are an important factor to a company’s success, this is why we are committed to helping our clients in any way that we can. Our list of services is as follows:


Bright Moments works with each client to turn vision into reality through the use of traditional, digital, and social media marketing platforms. Our advertising/marketing campaigns tell complete stories that enhance awareness and usage of our clients’ products and services.

Public Relations

Bright Moments strategically connects services and resources to people and organizations. With planning and implementation, information is effectively and efficiently shared to enhance the profile of our clients.

Community Outreach

Through the use of grassroots and traditional methods, Bright Moments aggressively works to generate maximum community participation at events and meetings that ensures the voices and concerns of the community are heard.

Political Campaigns

Bright Moments works tirelessly to develop positive, truthful messages and media placements for political candidates that create an agenda for how to best move our city forward.

Event Production

Over the years, BM has organized a number of groundbreaking events. From Literary Events with the New Orleans Public Library Foundation to Soul Fest, Leah Chase’s 90th Birthday Party and the Liberty Bank and Trust Company’s Christmas Celebration, we have executed various events for our clientele. Through pinpoint organization and a creative team, we have planned a successful number of events and are expert event organizers.

Social Media

Bright Moments believes a clearly defined social media strategy is an important part of a winning content marketing plan, by using the best social media platforms to target the ideal consumer.